Saturday, February 29, 2020

Nude a day 60: Two three-minute poses

News!  Jeanie is currently running a "How to Draw" people class on Youtube.  First lesson is here and you can follow the series from her channel "Colourfulworld of Jeanie" (Non-English people note the "u" in "Colourful"!!)

I like these two poses showing the model's graceful figure.

Nude a day - Last one today|

After 60 nude,s one every day in January and February I am ending this series today Feb 29th 2020.  There will be occasional posts on this blog over the next months - some nudes, some other things.  Thanks to everyone who looked at this series. Let me know if you have enjoyed them.

Two videos about drawing

Video 1: Watch this - and start drawing

To mark the end of the series Jeanie has produced another video encouraging everyone to draw.  It includes her drawing an under 2-minute sketch of her husband Nick. See below.
The 2-minute picture that Jeanie draws in this video

 Video 2: How to draw nudes

This video shows how Jeanie went about this drawing. She drew two very quick pictures, one of which is shown above. They demonstrate gesture drawing.

One of the 2 quick pictures Jeanie draws in this video

I hope you have liked the pictures so far. If you liked any of them enough, you can buy the original: £100 unframed plus P & P. Email me for more information at

Anyway, please let me know what you think by commenting either on the blog or by email to me at the address above. As we did last year we will raffle away two prints among those who comment. So start commenting for a chance for a prize.!)

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