Friday, September 9, 2016

Nude of the week - Guest: Lucy Mellersh's Abstract Nude and exhibition

This is an abstract nude by our daughter Lucy who is making a name for herself as a sculptor in Germany where she lives near Munich.  The head and the arm are curved round in a rather beautiful shape.  There are more views and a description in her blog post. For the relevant post click here .

This week, September 9 2016, her sculptures are being exhibited in Haimhausen near Munich, let's hope some of our readers are near there and will go and take a look.  Details are here 

Another of her projects are views of a breast feeding baby as seen by it's mother.
Our news is that Illustrated Fluteplaying e-book edition is taking off.  More news later.  There's a good movie of Jeanie Mellersh and Robin Soldan talking about the history of the book and future plans that you can watch here: