Thursday, March 24, 2016

Nude of the week 38: See the nude drawn stroke-by-stroke

Click on the video and you can see the nude below painted stroke by stroke. The picture was painted on the iPad. I found it really interesting to see how I had done it.  Hope you find it interesting too.  We hope to produce another video that will show how to use Brushes app on the ipad to produce pictures like this.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Nude of the week 37: Two ipad nudes and a video of a painting being drawn

Here are a couple of life drawings I did on the ipad a week or so ago.  Forty five minutes and twenty minutes respectively. One of the joys of ipad painting is that, when you have drawn the picture, you can see it recreated stroke by stroke as a sort of movie.  We have just bought a new telly and this means we can project the picture onto a large screen and see the action there.

We now find that we can then film the result and slow it down so that the way a picture is constructed can be watched and I can talk about it as it happens.  The first picture we did this with was a sketch of a young girl on her second birthday and the video of this is below,  We are in the process of making a similar video about one of the nudes above and will show that to you in the next post.  Meanwhile here is the first film we made using this process.  It really shows how an ipad picture is made. The technique is still a bit wobbly and there is a loss of clarity because it is a photo of a photo.  If anyone knows how to do this better we would love to know but despite the problems the result is really interesting.
This is the pic. The link to the video is below.

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