Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Nude a day 57: The first woman on earth

Pastel on black pastel paper

This was an experiment – pastel on black pastel card, using a lot of light ochres and tangerines as flesh tones. I allowed the black card to take the shadow areas. All the colours behind her are singing out loudly over the black surface. It's good to let the lovely vibrant pastels glow like this!

Nude a day - ending in three days! 

After 60 nudes Jeanie will end this series on Feb 29th 2020.  There will be occasional posts on this blog - some nudes, some other things. To mark the end of the series Jeanie has produced another video encouraging everyone to draw.  It includes her drawing a 2-minute sketch of her husband Nick.  Take a look on the link above

 Video of how I draw nudes

Click on the start arrow to see the video. The picture drawn in this film is shown below.

I hope you have liked the pictures so far. If you liked any of them enough, you can buy the original: £100 unframed plus P & P. Email me for more information at

Anyway, please let me know what you think by commenting either on the blog or by email to me at the address above. As we did last year we will raffle away two prints among those who comment. So start commenting for a chance for a prize.!)

Jeanie Mellersh

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