Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Nude a week 24: Guest artist - Georg Mayer-Marton

Two nude sketches by Grorg Mayer-Marton

I was studying at Liverpool art college in the mid 50's when Georg Mayer-Marton arrived as a lecturer, small, grey and Hungarian.

From him I learned mosaics. At first I was trying to make them all nice and flat. He taught us to angle the tessera so that the light catches them. After his death a mosaic font of his has been installed in the Catholic cathedral in Liverpool.

He was a great artist and his art was very inspiring to me. He also took me aside, after looking at my drawings and taught me how to make silver-point drawings. One evening he took about three of us students round the Wirral to see his church mosaics. We piled into his tiny car and went from church to church. A lovely trip.

I found his lectures very hard to follow with his soft voice, his Hungarian accent and his very long sentences. During one of his lectures I drew this sketch (a good likeness). I also have a photo of him with me and other students.. It was taken in the summer of 1958 outside the front of Liverpool Art College. Mayer-Marton died in 1960.

The pictures here are from Mayer-Marton's website http://www.mayer-marton.com/ It contains a lovely article about him by my fellow student Gordon Millar and is well worth looking at.

Above are two of Georg Mayer-Marton's nude drawings. I like the fluid lines.  Below is a photograph of him with his students two years before he died.  Lastly a drawing I did of him during one of his lectures
End of the pedagog course 1958, outside Liverpool Art College. Left to right,back row: Sandra Lord, Anne Mossop, 4 women I don't know, Joyce Park,another woman I don't know, Georg Mayer Marton, Myra Shillington, Alex Morrison. Front row left to right: Jeanette Huxtable (now Jeanie Mellersh), Edith Rubinstein, (now Mathur) Albert Robinson.
A sketch I drew of Mayer-Marton during one of his lectures