Monday, September 3, 2012

More work on the detail

View from the front
I'm getting round to the details here, and also the surface textures.  I'm aiming for curly wavy hair on the girl, the smaller figure, and for shorter straighter hair on the boy.

I'm tentavioley positioning the noses, eyes and ears and have slimmed the necks..  The sweep of the skirt and the wavy hemline gives it all movement but I'm yet to work on thte surface of the skirt.
Side view
I winkled out a large shell from under the girl's arm which left a small pit - that's the nature of Portland limestone.  It's a beautiful piece of stone - tiny shells surfacce and I clear the stone from round the edge and take the corner of my tiny chisel and tap, off it comes - usually!  I like to see the shells normally but not on the tip of the nose and so on.
With a person (Nick) to show the size of the sculpture

I still work mainly with a one inch wide chisel.  I thought a Dremel drill would come in handy but I wasn't happy and went back to chisels.  I file with a "marble file"  or small shaped files and riflers but I am looking forward to getting the surface sanded down and gleaming.

Back view

The sculpture is resting for a while now.  I have a turntable which I find very useful for looking at the whole sculpture.  I am quite emotional when I carve as I think of the two beautiful children, Yaany, 8 and Mimi, 6 and search for them within the stone, chipping away the stone that is not "them" They seem to be emerging..  I call the sculpture "Love Reborn." I seem to be in a unique position carving a memorial to our two grandchildren who I adored so much and who died on November 18 2011.

Other side

Friday, August 10, 2012

Working on the detail

The sculpture  get nearer and nearer completion every day.  Now Jeanie is working on the detail of the head and arms.  Mostly filing with a riffler.

There is a video that shows the sculpture from all angles on You tube. You can see it here

Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Yaany

We remember you with love.  You would have been nine today.  Mimi and you are the ones we are doing the sculpture for.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The shape's becoming clearer

Jeanie has been carving solidly yesterday and today.  The shape is becoming clearer day by day.

Here are two pictures taken today.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

More filing work

A lot of filing work in the last couple of days.  The changes are smaller now.  The thinking time longer and harder.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

First day of filing

Had a hard day of filing today.  This is how the sculpture looks now, with the faces just taking shape.

Oh yes.  We bought a gazebo the other day so now I should be able to carve on wet days.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The backside

The last post but one showed progress from trhe front of the sculpture.  This sequence shows the changes from the back.

Friday, June 29, 2012

How I am working now

The weather is terrible at the moment. It's cold dark windy and rainy. Starting with a cube I came to where I have planned and stop.

I've been using the heavy three pound lump hammer and the large point. Now I'm using the light point and the one and half pound iron lump hammer. 

Drawing on one of the A4 photos.  I'm doing it in bed.
 I photograph the stone from all angles - front stone face, left front corner, left stone face, left back corner, etc. and from above. Then I put the photographs on the computer and print them out at A4. As they come from the printer, I take each one and study it, and with a 7B pencil mark the places where I plan to remove the stone. I line up the photos three in a row e.g. front  stone face, front left corner, left face and double check they “agree”. 

Then I return to the stone an mark where I plan to remove. Also I make another mark on each original face which I have kept, never cut near the base, as it is so easy to lose our way on the stone. It could say front, left, back, right, en each face of the stone at the base.

Drawiing on the photos again.  This time in my armchair.
I have been marking with charcoal. It makes the stone grey and dirty looking, but it shows up well. I wash it off occasionally. I also use watercolour and as I'm carving two figures together I painted one figure green and the other yellow to remind me how they fitted together.

This pic shows the clothing and the charcoal marks on the stone.
I am now getting the basic shapes the sculpture looks like it's created with sheep's wool, i.e very bumpy. I will need to work into it creating a smoother finish using chisels then files then abrasive paper, I have rifflers and a new sort of file that looks like a file covered in metal crumbs and I'm getting new tools tomorrow.

Clothing: I've got a gas-man's type overall navy drill and bib and braces, heavy toe shoes. I've not got steel toe cap boots. Need some! I wear a glove in my chisel holding (right) hand and goggles that can go over the specs if you need both. Plus an old anorak and leather beret. (I am left handed).

Tools: Just a point and a hammer. Now chisels, then files and rifflers rat-tail file, abrasive paper in several grades so they can be whittled down to size and also smoothness. I'll leave the hair thicker than the faces and work into it with waves and texture. I want the heads to grow from the neck at the correct angle so I am studying anatomy constantly and looking at little children and how their anatomy differs. I want the total shape of the sculpture to 'speak'. That was there from the start. I don't want to lose it. There's a sweep up from the boy's left shoulder up past his ear to the top of his head, another from the same shoulder down his left arm joining the girls shoulder. Their heads rest together.

I've studied he skeleton of the back, I will be interested in the facial carving, must be even, how to do the eyes, get the head seated on the neck evenly comfortably, inclined slightly the hands softly relaxed not claw like or parrot hands resting gently. The swing of the boy's back, the swirl of the girl's skirt the calm boy's expression, the delighted smile on the girl. Some aspects lost in the stone. All rising from the base, which is still almost a square without corners, but the areas of untouched stone face have gone. The drilled hole for fixing should have been done with the masonry bit on Black and Decker in the centre of the base plate for fixing to the plinth, All this before the face details are done or a nose may break off!

Finally a picture of the stone as it is tonight.  I have just begun work with the file.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One month's changes to the stone

This post shows the changes in the shape of the stone since the carving first began almost a month ago on May 26.  This post shows pictures taken only from the front to make it easier to follow.  But the sculpture is three dimensional and changes take place all round.  We hope to show changes to the other faces of the stone in later posts.  Oh yes and most of the work is thinking time and drawing time the time Jeanie spends with the hammer and chisel is only a fraction of the time she spends..  More of that in the next post, we hope.

Meanwhile here is the model then the front of the stone as it has changed:

Clay 2 inch model with lines painted on to show the shape.

The uncut block of stone with a charcoal sketch on it

Early carving - the blue line at the top marks the start of the sculpture. Stone above was removed.

The bit above the blue line has been removed.  Jeanie works on the back.

The firgures are starting to appear.  Yellow painting marks the girl, blue the boy.
The shape is coming more clearly now.

The blue and yellow paint has gone.  The lines at the bottom are the swirls of the girl's skirt.

Heads coming more clearly now and the roughness smoothed over.

More cutting into the stone. This is the stone today.  There is still a lot of stone to be removed.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Days Two and Three on the stone

These are some pictures of the early work on the stone and some of the drawings Jeanie did before she started carving.

These drawings were drawn over photos of the clay model that I enlarged so that they were the same size as the stone.  The clay model picture shows the model from the top, There are grid lines on the model to help envisage it as 3D, 
Day 2 you can see the drawings of the heads on the stone
More of the marked areas have been removed. Front face of stone.

Here some of the marked areas have been cut away on the left face of the stone

Jeanie collapses after hard carving and hard thinking, The boy is painted blue the girl yellow.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Turning to Stone

Jeanie prepares to make the first cut with her large point and hammer, see the model on top of the stone
Not many iPad pics at the moment.  For the last few weeks Jeanie has been sculpting a memorial to our two grandchildren who died last autumn in Turkey.  The next few posts will catch up with where Jeanie has reached and then we can start following the progress of the sculpture day by day.  The sculpture, which will stand on the topof the memorial, is being carved in Portland stone.

Model back view

Model front view
Front view with Jeanie's thumb.  The model is about 2 inches high

The pictures above show Jeanie about to make the first cut on the stone, the small model made from New Forest clay, the stone with the intended sculpture drawn on it and finally, the very first corner cut of the block of Portland stone.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Two pics on Saturday

This is a picture I painted from our caravan site which was high on the hills above the Thames. Lynda and Roger must live just past the horizon in the middle of this scene. Earlier that morning I painted a scene from our caravan site in the New Forest. Both were finger paintings using the Brushes app.