Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Nude a week 14:Two Ipad paintings - a nude woman and a twisted tree

Backview painted on ipad

I painted several ipad pictures yesterday,.  Here are two of them.  One a nude, the other an old twisted oak in the New Forest.  Both were painted with Brushes the first of the ipad painting aps.

The nude: Painted yesterday (Feb 17) using Brushes.  First I laid a lime yellow ground using the paintpot (which fills an area with colour).  Then I quickly drew the model from life using using a dark brown line.  Finally I added highlights using the eraser which took the picture back to white. The model was sitting on a pile of cushions.  The picture took about ten minutes.

The tree: This is an old oak with a spina-bifida type problem.  It only holds branches on one side, they twist excessively and tend to droop to the ground on one side.  The branch to the left then picks up strength and moves upwards.  There are two trees next to each other that are doing this sort of thing although the  other one has lost most of its trunk this winter, presumably blown down by a gale. This tree has coins embedded in the bark, we wonder if this is connected with the problem.

Does anyone out there know what causes this this strange twisting?  If you do get in touch!

 A strange twisted oak in the New Forest England

Monday, February 9, 2015

Nude a week 13: Exuberant dancer

Dancing woman captured in charcoal
The model danced around exuberantly as I captured some of the fleeting poses in charcoal.  We were both having real fun.