Saturday, November 28, 2015

Nude of the week 31: Different angles, different media, same model and pose

Water colour from the front, with water soluble  crayon drawn into the still- wet  paint. I was experimenting with the colours of light on dark olive
Pencil from around her feet. I was  thinking in terms of sharp angles here, even on the wavy hair.  
Chalk on grey paper from the front. I was intrigued by the convoluted drapery beneath her.

Pencil from the back (the model has a tiger tattoo on her rear end.)I like the economic lines which say such a lot. You can follow my change of mind as I redraw the arm and the buttocks.

Drawn recently here are four pictures of the same model all in the same kind of pose.

PS. Don't forget to look at my husband, Nick.s poem a week blog  Currently it features poems about the first world war to coincide with the publication as ebooks of Nick's father's books about the first world war.

My brother Robert (Bob) Huxtable has just put up a video about how he detoxed Paddy from heroin.  Here's the link

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nude of the week 30: I draw Jill. She draws me.

 I asked Jill to do some sketching while I drew her.  She did a picture of me.  See below.  My drawing was brown and black chalk on grey paper.  Jill's drawing was in pencil.  I have had to digitally erhance her drawing so that it can be seen.  Hence the funny yellow tones.
PS.  Nick has finally got he father's ebooks published. See