Sunday, December 4, 2016

New exhibition: Ipad pictures of trees around the year

I'm exhibiting my ipad paintings at the moment. A set of paintings of trees around the New Forest throughout the year.  In Minstead Church for another week and I will post them up here one by one for the next few weeks. They look really good and you can buy any of them at any size you like.

Above is a picture of a tree not far from us and a forest pony,one of my first ipad paintings.This huge oak is very old. As I sat painting, this white pony  was grazing nearby, and came right up to me, so I had no choice and painted it in.   Below is a link to a video of another picture that shows one of the paintings being created stroke by stroke.  (At last Nick has found a way of recording this that keeps the colours looking good and where you can control the speed.  Also there is a small copy of the finished picture at the bottom right so you can understand what is happening better.)

PS:  My flute book - Illustrated Fluteplaying-  should be out before Christmas (2016) in the new ebook edition from Just Flutes.  More news soon.