Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Nude a week 21: Woman adjusting her hair

Quick sketch Pastel on dull sand coloured paper
This was a quick pastel sketch using the paper showing through the flesh. Drawing in  sea green and dark brown pastel, highlights with very pale cadmium red and light red. I did this three months ago.  I like the strong highlight on the right thigh.  I like this drawing, it did not quite fit the scanner.  There is more of her left leg on the drawing which is on A3 paper.  The pose is comfortable and relaxed.

PS our daughter Lucy has started a blog about her sculptures.  Be sure to see it at

PPS:  I recently completed a wedding picture for Claire and Robin Hardy.  It shows the lovely couple coming out of the church, just married.  To the left is the wedding poem written by my husband Nick.  The garland above their head is of hops and crab apples.  The picture was painted digitally using Corel Painter then printed on canvas.