Monday, May 18, 2020

Make a Boxi figure to help you draw!

Boxi is a lay figure that will help you draw people.  It is part of the Jeanie Mellersh "Drawing People" course that you can find here.  Boxi helps to simplify the human body by representing it as a series of boxes and cones.  This makes visualising the effects of perspective much easier.  Boxy can be placed in any pose that the human body is capable of (and quite a few that it isn't!) and then viewed from any angle.

Boxi is made from 3 boxes (head, chest, and hips), 1 cylinder (neck), and 4 cones (legs), and 4 more cones (arms), hands and feet, and a length of thick string or thin rope cut into pieces to hold the arms, and legs together and form the spine.  The pattern for the paper or card needed for the boxes and cones is below.

Print down the two pages below on A4 or equivalent paper, cut them, glue them, and make Boxi.  To see how to use Boxi you will need to watch the Youtube Video that is shown at the end of this post..

Making Boxi - instructions

To make Boxi you will need thick string or thin rope, scissors, and glue.  Also, you need printed versions of the patterns below on thin card or thickish paper.  The pattern can be copied and printed from here. Just use this as a pattern for the shapes, and make Boxi any colour you choose. Feet and hands are folded in half.
Page 1 of the Boxi pattern - arms (2 cones each), legs (2 cones each), hands, and feet.

Page 2 of the Boxi pattern, chest box, hip box, head box, and neck cylinder.

Boxi in poses

Send me a picture of your Boxi when you have made him.

The Youtube video that features Boxi

Jeanie Mellersh