Friday, October 30, 2015

Nude of the week 29: Seated nude painted yesterday

Painted yesterday using conté on toned paper, the paper showing through to produce the flesh tones. The paper was sand coloured ingres paper and was not so grey as the paper in the reproduction.  I spent longer on this than I do on most of the sketches shown in this blog.

Last weekend was spent with my family and I drew two of my great nieces.  Lily and Georgia.  They are the grandchildren of my youngest sister and very beautiful little girls they are too.  Both were drawn with blue chalk as they moved around and lived their lives..
Georgia 18 months eating her breakfast
Lily, 4 today,October 30, 2015.  Happy birthday
Apologies over videos not showing in past posts. We have just discovered that the animations we put in various posts don't work on a lot of devices (including my ipad!).  My husband Nick is working to fix this problem and updating the various posts.  He is also working on his dad's World WarOne books which we are publishing as e-books see
The video of the man standing in the last post but one can be seen on YouTube if you click here

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