Monday, October 5, 2015

Nude of the week 26: Man sits and thinks - and a vicar with clothes on

Black and white chalk on brown pastel paper.  An old man sits and ponders. 

Below is a picture of vicar with clothes on some of which I made.

James is happy with his new colourful stole given to him at harvest festival.
 Here is a picture of me and our vicar James.  I had just given James the new stole that I made from silk.  It is made from the silk ends cut off before making saris. 

I cut the pieces and arranged them in pairs into their separate colours.  Then I saw which colours wanted to go together and put the dark ones at the bottom to give it weight and the lighter warm colours at the top.  For the small cape at the back I wove the orangey colours together and it is all backed with deep red silk.  The edges were secured with a zigzag machine stitch.

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