Friday, October 16, 2015

Nude of the week 27: Animation of a nude man standing up

Man Working. 1
This is a dark brown drawing of a man.  It is one of a series of five drawn approximately from the same angle. He stoops to the ground, picks up a stone, lifts it, stands, and places it high up.  We have put them together to make a nice little animation. All very quick  2 minute  sketches or so.
Click on the arrow below to watch the video.It's much better on full screen so click on the little square thing at the bottom right of the video.

 If the video does not show above on your tablet or phone click here to view it on YouTube

PS: The ebooks of Nick's father;s World War One Books are now published after ages of struggle.  Jeanie did the covers.  See below.  There's much  more at

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