Sunday, November 23, 2014

A nude a week 5: Cut-out paper - nude with plant

Nude and flower: 32 x 40cm. Cut out paper

How I did this

Angela who organises the life drawing group, inspired by Matisse cut outs exhibition, had an  idea to bring the group scissors and glue and see if anyone wanted to work in this way.I hadn't seen the exhibition but I had seen his cut outs in St Paul du Vence many years ago and was deeply impressed.  I had never done this before but with brick red paper and the model, I cut away very fast, the pose was a short one.  Dark pillows, a light one and a potted plant beside her, and that was fun and refreshing.  I didn't draw on the paper before cutting.  I cut directly with the scissors. I had to work fast and where a line was needed inside a solid shape, I cut a sliver off the cut line so it would show. (At the hairline on the head and above the left thigh, for example.)  I worked on golden sand coloured paper, cut it all out and pasted it on another paper.

I tried to see the Matisse exhibition but I missed it.  So instead we decided to go to the cinema where there was a film of the exhibition.  It was very disappointing. To much of it was some old somebody talking about where to put what on which wall.  Not enough of it showed the pictures.  A big disappointment..

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