Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Turning to Stone

Jeanie prepares to make the first cut with her large point and hammer, see the model on top of the stone
Not many iPad pics at the moment.  For the last few weeks Jeanie has been sculpting a memorial to our two grandchildren who died last autumn in Turkey.  The next few posts will catch up with where Jeanie has reached and then we can start following the progress of the sculpture day by day.  The sculpture, which will stand on the topof the memorial, is being carved in Portland stone.

Model back view

Model front view
Front view with Jeanie's thumb.  The model is about 2 inches high

The pictures above show Jeanie about to make the first cut on the stone, the small model made from New Forest clay, the stone with the intended sculpture drawn on it and finally, the very first corner cut of the block of Portland stone.

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