Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One month's changes to the stone

This post shows the changes in the shape of the stone since the carving first began almost a month ago on May 26.  This post shows pictures taken only from the front to make it easier to follow.  But the sculpture is three dimensional and changes take place all round.  We hope to show changes to the other faces of the stone in later posts.  Oh yes and most of the work is thinking time and drawing time the time Jeanie spends with the hammer and chisel is only a fraction of the time she spends..  More of that in the next post, we hope.

Meanwhile here is the model then the front of the stone as it has changed:

Clay 2 inch model with lines painted on to show the shape.

The uncut block of stone with a charcoal sketch on it

Early carving - the blue line at the top marks the start of the sculpture. Stone above was removed.

The bit above the blue line has been removed.  Jeanie works on the back.

The firgures are starting to appear.  Yellow painting marks the girl, blue the boy.
The shape is coming more clearly now.

The blue and yellow paint has gone.  The lines at the bottom are the swirls of the girl's skirt.

Heads coming more clearly now and the roughness smoothed over.

More cutting into the stone. This is the stone today.  There is still a lot of stone to be removed.

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