Saturday, March 14, 2015

Nude a week 16: A seated nude painted on the Ipad with a video replay of the painting

Jill side view. Short pose. The model leans forward engrossed in activity at the left.  The left leg is stretched forward steadying her.  I used a limited palette of 5 or 6 colours.  Also the eraser was used to make the pen lines. For this painting I used the Brushes app.

Here with a short pose, I think of first the main sweep of the pose and put it in.  I take in the negative space of the wall and its shape.  I chose colours and their complimentaries.  I'm aware of patterns like the large pattern on the lower left.  For this picture I was thinking of flat colour and not the nuances of flesh colour.  You can watch the process of painting re-played at high speed on the Ipad.  Here is a video we made from the replay. Apologies for the quality, we have yet to master the process of recording the video on the Ipad.

The wall was not the orange colour shown.  I painted it using the complementary of the blue-greens of the blanket on the lower left.  I limit my palette when I see the possibilities of  a lithograph and I saw that here.

PS: To complement my blog my husband is putting up a blog with a Poem a week,  It is here at this link

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