Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nude a week - extra: An ipad painted nude - and an experiment to see if this connects to Facebook

Reclining nude painted on the ipad with simulated chalk and pastel - drawn using the Artrage app.

This nude is called "extra" because it is an experiment to see if it will link up to Facebook.  And Nick is writing the blurb not Jeanie.

Jeanie finds her ipad a wonderful thing for drawing.  You can take it out with you and you have a whole art-store full of supplies.  You can choose pastel, charcoal, oil, or whatever and any colour that the eye can see. The downside is the reflective screen which makes it really impossible to work in strong sunlight.  In time, no doubt, ipads will have an e-ink screen like the Kindle and that problem will go.  Another plus for the ipad, if you are drawing people or scenery, is that you can photograph the subject with the ipad and compare the painting with the photo.

There are half a dozen or more good apps for drawing on the ipad.  This drawing was done with Artrage which like most of the computer-originated art programs (particularly Painter) emulates physical media.  Brushes, the most famous drawing app, gives you a choice of different drawing options and does not equate them with physical art media.  Brushes was used by  Hockney for his ipad paintings. It was developed originally for the iphone and moved on to the ipad. Brushes and Artrage are both great apps and it will be interesting to see which approach proves most popular - simulating old media or just using digital marks.

Jeanie has produced a video tutorial on how she believes Hockney drew his ipad pics that were exhibited a few years ago.  See Youtube.

Jeanie uses both Brushes and Artrage on her ipad.  Text by Nick not Jeanie

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