Wednesday, April 18, 2012

i Paint on i Pad

I bought an i Pad a few weeks ago with some of the profits from the children's book I illustrated Harry the Bridesmaid. I love painting on the iPad Here are some of the first results. All done in the last few weeks on a family holiday to the Baltic coast.

Sea and Sky
: Ipad painting using "Brushes" App. Wonderful sky! It was easy to get the clouds with the airbrush like tool in "Brushes". (Can sand get into the iPad? - Does anyone know?)

Kite flying in the Baltic:
Ipad painting using "Artrage" App. As I sat alone on the beach the kite soared above me. The group had such fun in the strong wind. Sketching outdoors in the cold and the wind is no problem with an iPad and my tiny three legged stool - and lots of warm clothes.

Sunset lagoon Pruchten: Ipad painting using "Artrage App. Sunset is so fleeting. I had to work quickly. I stood waiting for the climax then went for the kill. I did this in a few minutes (or was it seconds??) Jeanie Mellersh.

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